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February 2022

"Thank you so much for all the care and companionship you give my dad. Especially at this time when I can't come see him, I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!!!"

December 2021

"I can only imagine how challenging this is (Covid-19) for all of you.

Amazing how you have successfully taken just fabulous care of all your clients and families"

November 2021

"It was just such a pleasure to tour Mirabel Lodge with you with you and see first hand all the wonderful personalized plans and programs you have for all your residents! I was very impressed. It is my hope we can work together helping the seniors of our community age with dignity and respect."

May 2019

"Thank you for your continued excellent care and caring of our loved one."

Peter & Marsha
October 2018

"Chocolate does not carry enough sweetness to tell you how much you've all meant to Elaine and our family since 2013, but hopefully it will give you the energy to continue with the excellent care each and every one of you offers. Your huge hearts, gentle caring hands, warm smiles and tender words make a huge difference!"

February 2018

"Thank you for all your many courtesies with Olga.

So nice to see you yesterday."

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